A portrait of the artist, educator and conservationist, Rachel Roxburgh by Adelaide Perry.

A framed oil painting on canvas, created in 1939, it measures 77 cm high and 67 cm wide.

The frame is a dull gold with a pale grey wash painted over the gold in sections in clear brushstrokes. The corners are raised and decorated in a foliage design.

The portrait’s strong, striped background in cool colours contrasts with a sensitive depiction of the figure of Rachel Roxburgh. Seated on a settee, rendered in warm peaches and creams Rachel’s image is cropped at the bust, filling the majority of the canvas.

The background is a vertical repeating design of thick taupe, teal and almost-black lines. An unseen object casts a faint shadow behind her right shoulder. Just the curve of a reddish-brown high-backed settee is partially shown behind her left shoulder.

Her brunette hair is pulled off her face, elegantly piled on her head in a loose rolled wave, revealing her ears. She has a high forehead with lightly arched brown brows and deep hooded round, light green eyes.

She gazes intently outwards over our right shoulder. Her complexion is creamy, with her nose and cheeks a blushing peach. Her full lips are coated in a vivid coral lipstick. Her chin and jawline are softly rounded and also flushed pink. The arch of her eyebrows and slight upturn of the upper lip makes her appear thoughtful.

Rachel wears a cream pussy-bow blouse with an understated white floral design and a line of greyish buttons. Puff sleeves stop midway down her upper arm, emphasising her broad shoulders. On the garment, taupe and dusky pink shadows emphasise the loosely draping neckline and the trail of buttons down her front.

A signature in bright red is painted in the bottom right, A. E. Perry, 39.

Audio description written by Alana Sivell and voiced by Emma Bedford