Petrina Hicks’ 2008 portrait of Layne Beachley is a single channel moving image, projected on a three-point-one by one-point-seven metre screen, on a continuous eleven-minute loop, with no sound.

The moving image begins with the back of Beachley’s head, set against a stark blue-grey background. Her medium-length brown hair has a layered cut with chestnut to deep brown tones. The length tapers to the middle of her back, past her bare freckled shoulders.

The figure is cropped just below the shoulders where the skin has indentations, as if a bra with thin straps has just been removed.

Beachley’s upper body turns clockwise in slow motion; her bright sapphire eyes blink slowly as she gazes directly at the viewer. Her gaze stays on the viewer while the continuous rotation of her body gives an angle to her head.

Beachley’s face is framed by her textured hair, parted slightly off centre. She wears black eyeliner and thick mascara. Her light brown eyebrows are plucked and straight with a small vertical scar on the skin between them.

The makeup on her face includes light foundation with a delicate pink rouge on her cheeks and pale pink lip gloss on her gently smiling lips.

Audio description written and voiced by Amy Middleby