Anne Zahalka’s self-portrait is a colour photograph created in 1990. It measures 70 cm tall by 70 cm wide and is surrounded by a wide white mounting and a simple wooden frame.
In the foreground, thick velvety orange-red curtains part in the middle, revealing an interior scene. The scene is almost a symmetrical mirror image, split vertically down the centre. The photographer has presented herself twice, seated side by side on identical low-slung lounge chairs. A chess board is balanced between the chairs, resting on their arms, and in the background is a large square photograph on a black fabric-covered wall.

Anne on our left wears a black beret over her wavy blond hair with a short fringe. She faces forward, her body angled towards our right, and looks out through narrowed brown eyes. Her red lips are closed, and her left index finger touches her chin. She wears a dark green blazer, open, over a white collared shirt, wide red-brown tie with white polka dots, and a long black skirt.

Anne on our right is in profile, turned to the Anne on the left. She holds an old-fashioned camera at her chest, pointing towards the other Anne. She is dressed in a short-sleeved shirt, black with white polka dots, and a short black skirt.

Both women’s feet, in black lace-up shoes, vanish, as if cut off in the photographic process, into the patterned peach-coloured carpet beneath them.

Behind the chess board perched between the two Annes, a low lamp with a black metallic shade spills light onto the back wall, covered in creased black fabric.

In the centre of the wall hangs a large square glossy photograph, also with a black background. The photograph is of a blond-haired woman dressed in black, holding a small white model aircraft. She sits at a simple desk surrounded by objects including: a pot plant with drooping red flowers, a set of old-fashioned balance scales, a sand hourglass, an open book, and a tripod with an old box camera attached.

Written and voiced by Lucie Shawcross