This is a full colour photographic portrait of Margaret Fulton by Lewis Morley. It measures: 36.1 cm by 28.5.

Margaret stands at a table covered by beautifully presented food. She smiles directly at the camera from the corner of a warmly lit dining room. Behind her are floor to ceiling curtains, drawn closed, bearing a repeat print motif of a small blue flower on a beige background.

At a right angle to the curtain is a recessed pine cabinet with glass doors. Margaret stands in front of the cabinets four shelves displaying blue and white china plates and bowls. On our right, a speckled brown marble fireplace and perched on the mantle is an arrangement of apricot and white roses in a silver bowl. Above the mantelpiece and against the beige wall is a framed, bold, black and white abstract, geometric art-work.

Margaret is a full-figured, short-haired, smiling middle-aged woman and she stands behind a table laden with delicious-looking food and snacks.

She has an oval shaped face with a warm, light complexion and laugh-lines around her eyes. Her thick, red hair parts across her forehead. Subtle makeup highlights her brown eyes and eyebrows and soft red lipstick rims her open-mouthed smile.

She wears a brown beaded necklace with a fan shaped black and gold statement pendant, it stands out against her plain, beige, short-sleeved top and tightly pleated, flared skirt. At waist level, and as if about to lift and offer it to us, she holds the rim of a large silver platter of fruit on the table in front of her.

The pale-wood table is laden with tiered, edible arrangements; devilled eggs, roast meat, vegetables, salad, cheeses, brandy snaps, pastries, cake and strawberries.

Amongst the bounty of food there are flowers, a blue and white china tureen with its lid on, crystal wine glasses and a silver candelabra with three tall white unlit candles.

Audio description written by Annette Twyman and voiced by Emma Bedford