A portrait of businessman Thomas Sutcliffe Mort and his wife Theresa, by an unknown artist, created in 1847. Daguerreotype photograph mounted in a copper coloured frame inside a protective case, measuring 8 cm in height and 7 cm wide.

This photograph has a mirror-like finish, the image is a range of grey shades. At certain angles the image disappears turning into a solid silver background. On moving, the image reveals itself again. Theresa is seated on the left, with Thomas on the right, against a blank wall with a square wooden table placed between them. An upturned top hat and a book are positioned on the table.

Theresa has a severe middle part in her hair. Coiled ringlets frame her face and brush against her shoulders. She has an oval-shaped face with a serious expression, with lowered eyebrows over almond-shaped eyes, a broad nose and full closed lips. Her left arm leans upon the table, fingers curled over to rest against her chin. She wears a lace-collared, long velvet cloak over a full-length long-sleeved dress, with a silk-like sheen, which ends in a deep ruffle. A straw bonnet decorated with velvet bands and a bow lies on her lap.

Thomas has luscious thick wavy hair, swept over in a right-side part and curling around his ears. He also has a serious expression, deep set and heavy-lidded eyes set over a large straight nose and unsmiling lips. His right forearm rests on the book placed on the table, fingers hanging off the edge, with a ring on his little finger. His left arm rests against his thigh. He wears a high-collared shirt with necktie. A dark double-breasted jacket is buttoned closed, ending mid-thigh. Light trousers cover his legs. His right leg is bent at the knee with his left stretching out in a more relaxed pose.

There are some marks on the surface of the photograph particularly on the bottom edge, slightly distorting the image.

Audio description written and voiced by Alana Sivell, 2021