The portrait is of the singer and actor Natalie Imbruglia, by the photographer Polly Borland. This colour photograph was taken in 1999 and measures 49cm tall, by 39cm wide. The portrait is surrounded by a thick white border approximately 10cm wide, and a narrow timber frame. The portrait is of Natalie’s face and neck, with a vibrant blue background visible in its upper and lower corners.

The portrait crops off the tip of Natalie’s head, sides of her hair, and below her collarbones. Natalie’s eyes and lips are in sharp focus, while the edges of her face, hair, and neck are blurred.

Natalie’s short black hair frames her face, covering her ears, but for the lower lobes, and flicking out where it ends at the nape of her neck. From a slightly off-centre part, her fringe sweeps across to her right temple, except for a thick strand which has escaped and almost touches the inner point of her right eyebrow. Her eyebrows are fine, dark curves that angle gently upwards from their inner points, then arc down at their outer edges.

Natalie’s huge, wide eyes look away from the camera, towards her right. Natalie’s irises are dazzling sky blue, similar in colour to the portrait’s background. Natalie’s upper eyelids are full, and her eyes are ringed by long, feathery, dark lashes.

The contours of Natalie’s nose are visible and her high cheekbones are subtly defined by a tinge of pink. Her skin is pale, creamy, and flawless, and it appears very little makeup has been applied to it, her eyes, or lips. Natalie’s wide, full lips are closed with a faint upwards turn at their corners. Her upper lip is shaped like a Cupid’s bow, while light reflects off the glossy lower lip, accentuating its volume.

Natalie’s barely perceptible smile causes a tiny crease at the left edge of her mouth, while her small chin, and heart shaped jaw are smooth. Her neck and clothing; a pale blue garment with a round neckline, are out of focus.

Audio description written by Lucinda Shawcross and voiced by Rory Walker