This portrait by Peter Wegner of Professor Graeme Clark was painted in 2000 in oils and on canvas. It measures 155.5 cm by 167.5 cm. The canvas sits within a 5 cm deep and 1 cm wide wooden frame which is painted distressed white gold.

Professor Clark, notable for inventing the cochlear implant, is seated in the centre of a flat empty space of wavy brush strokes, predominantly sea-green, with blue, pink and beige brushwork layered throughout.

Clark is facing forwards; his balding, long oval-shaped head is framed by thinning silver grey hair and cut above his ears. His is a man in his 60s with an even and lightly-bronzed complexion. A dash of light bounces off his high forehead suggesting the light source is central and slightly from our right. He wears large metallic thin-framed glasses which perch on his nose below his eyebrows and encompass his upper cheeks. Arched thin dark eyebrows are raised above Clark’s brown eyes which look off to our lower left as if in animated conversation. His nose is long and narrow, it bends towards our left, casting a shadow over his thin upper lip. His mouth is raised on our left into an open slightly sideways smile revealing his even upper teeth.

Leaning slightly forward, Clark wears a broad-shouldered navy-blue jacket, a white collared shirt and a contrasting dark-blue tie with diagonal light-green lines, there is a small indistinct oval shape between each of the diagonal stripes. With both arms bent at the elbow he lifts up both his hands in an open clasping position. In his right hand he is presenting a small rectangular shape with a wire. The other hand also held up and facing forward, is open and empty.

Clark wears pea-green trousers, his right knee is bent lower than his left. While indistinct, he appears to be sitting on a dark-brown wooden panel box, with a suggestion of white fabric under his right thigh. His portrait is cropped below his right knee and at the mid-calf point of his left.

Audio description written and voiced by Annette Twyman