This is a portrait of portrait of Quandamooka woman Oodgeroo Noonuccal, formerly known as Kath Walker, created by Clif Peir in 1965. Oodgerooo was an activist, poet, writer and educator.

The portrait is a framed oil painting on board, measuring 104 cm high and 83.7 cm wide with the frame having a depth of 5.1 cm.

Oodgeroo is a slim middle-aged woman, seated angled to the left against a dramatic and moody background. Behind her, dark greens merge into black. Highlights of emerald green flicker across the sky and a brighter lime green surrounds her head. Flecks of white suggest distant stars beyond this green-tinted atmosphere.
Two sharp craggy hills in deep shadow appear in the lower third, to the left of the subject. In front of them a spindly leafless tree reaches its fine black branches into the sky.

In the foreground, Oodgeroo sits in a straight-backed chair upholstered in soft turquoise cloth. Her face is framed by black curly hair cut just below her ears. Her skin is a deep rich brown. Soft light filters down from the upper left, creating a gentle sheen of lighter brown across her brow, cheeks, the tip of her nose and chin.

Her large dark eyes, framed by strong black brows, gaze out to her upper left. The play of light also emphasises her prominent cheek bones, straight nose and full closed lips.

Her neck is long and slim, with the muscles on either side of her jaw standing out, stretching down to her exposed clavicle.

Oodgeroo wears a simple round-necked white blouse underneath an elegant formal cerulean blue jacket with white edging on collar and sleeves, with a matching tailored straight skirt. The portrait ends just above her knees.
Her hands lie on an open book in her lap, right hand over left. The pages, sepia flecked with white, are empty.

Her relaxed pose and distant gaze give a sense of thoughtful introspection.

Audio description written by Krysia Kitch and voiced by Amy Midddleby