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Welcome, Yule!

Saturday 23 December 2017
I Progetti Photo © Eva Schroeder
I Progetti Photo © Eva Schroeder

I Progetti Chamber Choir, with Dr Anthony Smith, presents 'Welcome, Yule!", a concert celebrating Christmas, and the sanctity of everyday life, regardless of creed. The programme includes some glorious Renaissance works, intermingled with pieces written specifically for the season. The performance takes its title from a carol by Canberra composer and I Progetti bass singer, Mark Chapman.

I Progetti Chamber Choir was formed in 2016 by founder and director Charis Messalina de Valence. The choir is dedicated to fine singing, and the exploration of new, unfamiliar, and infrequently-performed choral repertoire. I Progetti sings both a cappella, and in collaboration with other musicians. The heart of the choir's philosophy is the achievement of excellent intonation, blend, and interpretation, which can only come from singing together regularly, for the love of the music, and not simply in preparation for specific performances. I Progetti is especially dedicated to the music of the Renaissance, Robert Lucas Pearsall, and composer/I Progetti bass Mark Chapman.